Channeled Messages

Channeled Messages

I connect with your Higher Self, your Angels and your Spirit Guides 5D and above to receive Channeled Messages for you. The messages are always loving, positive and encouraging.

You are welcome to message me questions before the Channeling. I will connect to receive messages and then I will send you the written Channeling.

I am looking forward to connecting and assisting you.


100 USD    120 CAD    800 SEK

”Oh my goodness, Camilla! What a beautiful and divine reading! You captured my Beloved’s essence so effortlessly. I love the formatting. It’s almost like reading a conversation and the phrasing – there’s a sing-song, lyrical feel to it. It’s so genuine and pure. The reading provided much more detail and confirmation than I had anticipated. You have given me peace and renewed faith. I wish all those who find themselves in a divine connection but in separation, had access to you. Thank you for so bravely and selflessly sharing your gift. It is incredibly unique and this has been a one-of-a-kind experience.” Elisabeth


”Thank you for the Divine guidance for my soul. You really have the Light and the Love in your Channelings.”


Kanaliserade Budskap

Jag connectar med ditt Högre Jag, dina Änglar och dina Andliga Guider 5D och över för att ta emot budskap till dig.

Budskapen är alltid kärleksfulla, positiva och upplyftande. Du är välkommen att skicka frågor till mig innan Kanaliseringen. Jag skriver och skickar budskapen till dig via email. 800 SEK