Infinity Healing

Infinity Healing

With Infinity Healing we are working with Source/God/Universe to connect to our higher self to do Infinite things for us.

Why Infinity Healing works so well is that we remove all the receiving blocks and all the releasing blocks that are in the way of the Healing session, that are supporting us to letting go of everything that is no longer serving us.

With Infinity Healing, whatever you decide to work on, we set that healing on auto pilot, meaning Source will keep working on it for as long as is needed until it’s completely done doing all that it knows to do. All the way to the root cause.

Infinity Healing works on all space time and dimensions and when you get the Healing – all ancestors benefit from it – the ancestors from earlier lives, parents, children, all coming generations - all ancestors from the past, the present and the future.

With the Infinity Healing you open up to the Infinite possibilities of who you are!

An Infinity Healing brings everything back into its Divine Blueprint when you say YES!

That means that anything inside of us, in our energy field, even parts of our body that is not of the Divine Blueprint gets transmuted. It not only gets transmuted  it also gets replaced with what is for the Highest Good of all.

Infinity Healing is like 10 sessions in 1 session. It is a very powerful Healing modality. Infinity Healing works way beyond the mind.

Usually the mind is not aware of the bigger picture, that something greater is available. With Infinity Healing it always opens up to the best scenario. It opens up beyond what we think is possible.

You choose 1 area/session to work on with the Infinity Healing. For example Life Purpose, Health, Relationships, Money or Forgiveness/Inner Child Healing.

During the session we are removing blockages, attachments, contracts, curses, vows and oaths that are no longer serving us.

What we are working with will continue to be worked on automatically for as long as needed all the way to the root cause.

”Camilla is a wonderful healer that I can really recommend to others. She is both trustworthy and professional. She also has a warm and easy personality. Her ability to make you feel safe and relaxed, I think is also a prerequisite for getting the healing you need.” – Linda

”Thousands of Thanks to you lovely Camilla. Your Infinity Healing session has really started processes within me. You have given me new hope and you have helped me to release fears and other lower emotions within relationships. Powerful!” – Anneli

I am looking forward to connecting and working with you.

Sessions in English over Zoom or Skype.


 160 USD    200 CAD    1400 SEK

Jag erbjuder Infinity Healing sessioner via telefon eller skype. Jag pratar engelska under Infinity Healing sessionerna.

Varmt Välkommen att höra av dig till mig om vill boka en session och/eller vill veta mer!



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